MoneyNet - Registration procedure, Fees and Blacklisted countries
March 21,2017
Dear partner,

We are pleased to announce you that we have a new and fast payment method : MoneyNet.

This new payment method works with MasterCard and will allow you to withdraw your funds from ATM.

The payments through MoneyNet are fast and easy, without delays and rejections.

The registration procedure for MoneyNet MasterCard is simple and described step by step below:

1. Passport or ID copy with the name of the card holder in English - send by email to
2. Proof of address - this can be an Utility bill not older than 3 months. If the Utility bill is not in English, the account holder must write down the address in English, scan it and send it by email to along with the utility bill.
3. Valid email address - an email address that will be used with the card / MoneyNet account.
4. If the above requirements are OK, we will start the Card issuance from our MoneyNet account. After this, you will receive an email from MoneyNet along with instructions. You must provide them the rest of the information and upload the same documents from steps 1 and 2 according to their instructions from the email you received from MoneyNet.
5. If the documents above are OK, the card will be approved and sent via Courier express service (DHL) to the the provided address - see the fees below. It is important that the address provided to be valid as the card will be sent to this address. NOTE: The Card issuance procedure takes about a week.
6. After you receive the card, we will be able to pay you INSTANTLY by funding the card with the due amounts.

The Fees for the card are the following:

1. $15 Card Set Up Fee
2. $75 for Express Courier Delivery (DHL)
3. $5 Fee for Initial Deposit
4. $100 Initial Deposit (this is an amount that will stay in the card and will belong to the owner and it is a requirement) This will be subtracted from the Outstanding balance due from us to the client.

Additional notes:

For the above reason, in order for you to order a card, you will need to have a balance with Networktech Solutions LTD.
The Funding Fee for the card is $3.5 + 1% on the Funding amount.
The card can be issued either in EURO or USD.

! Below, you can find the list of Countries that at the moment are restricted for Card issuance:

OFAC and Blocked countries

USA (Gaming Only)
Turkey (Gaming Only)
Israel (Gaming Only)
Honk Hong (Gaming Only)

North Korea

Other Countries
Central African Republic
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Ivory Coat
Papua New Guinea

Kind Regards
NetworkTech Solutions Team
What are the conditions to send a valid Payoneer payout request?
February 25,2017
Dear partner,

All Payoneer payout requests must be submitted only after you have followed the steps below.

If you already followed these steps and your Payoneer account is active and connected to Networktech Solutions ltd., you may submit new payout requests as usual.

1: Ask our Accounting Department ( for Payoneer registration link and follow the instructions that come with the requested link.

2 : Wait for the Payoneer account to become active before submitting payout request.

First step: REGISTRATION procedure:

For Payoneer registration you must provide an email address that was never used before with a Payoneer account. The email address will be sent to in the same email request for Payoneer link.
After the link is generated, you will receive it by email along with instructions. Open the link and use it for sign up. DO NOT use the registration links for login.

Second step: ACTIVATION – wait for Payoneer to activate your Payoneer account.

Once the registration procedure is completed , wait for Payoneer to review and activate your new Payoneer account.
The application status can be seen in your Payoneer account after you login.

After your Payoneer account is activated, you may submit payout request from your user panel on

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